A DIY guide for repairing leaky or running Mansfield toilets

Since we have moved into our new house, one of our three Mansfield toilets had a slow leak and has been running. We didn’t think it was in need of repair as it was always very quiet, and somewhat infrequent. During our one year checkup we asked our technicians to repair it and as one of them was heading up to see it, the other one told him to ‘check the level’ which didn’t mean anything to me … until recently.

Shortly after the technician seemingly repaired problem, we noticed that the running sound was getting louder and more frequent. Once again though, ignorance was bliss – I had no idea how much water was actually being wasted by the running toilet. I kept saying that I would take a look at it, but every time I took the lid off of the tank I would look at it for a minute, have no idea what to do next, and then put the lid on without attempting a repair. To further complicate things, I had never taken apart a Mansfield toilet before and I was not familiar with their design.

The turning point came when I finally decided to see just how much water I wasting through this leak, and boy was I in for a shock; close to a full tank an hour! I had decided that enough was enough and I wasn’t going to let this running toilet get the best of me. It was time to repair it!

I started searching the internet for phrases like “Mansfield Toilet Repair”, “Fixing a Mansfield Toilet” or “How to stop a running toilet”, but I found that there wasn’t a great all-in-one guide available. After spending time on this little project of mine, I decided to put together my own Mansfield toilet repair guide to share with others.

This page is broken down into the following pages to ease navigation: